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June 29, 2020

Benefits of having flood insurance for your house


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June 29 2020

Point Pleasant NJ 


  Benefits of Flood Insurance 


Floods can bring about very horrible times. From losing your home to people you love. You feel displaced, disowned, and just out in the open without any support. As floods are so sudden and packing excessively isn’t a possibility, many people tend to leave behind collectibles, precious heirlooms, and things close to their hearts. Losing such things can be very painful and a price cannot be put upon it. 

But if you are one of those who don’t have flood insurance, alongside losing all that you love, you get nothing back. You lose your home, your life and you need to restart from the remains of what is left. Most of us would hate to be in such a position. This is why we suggest that you opt for flood insurance. 

Even though the concept may seem bizarre to many, All of us live in a flood zone , what’s different is the mathematical probability of a flood, that’s what Flood insurance is all about and how the probability is one of the data points that are used to price a policy. Bu if you live in an area where the Probability of floods are higher, you need to consider flood insurance.

 Some of the benefits it can provide you and your family are listed down below.

  1. Protection and damage return

When you opt for flood insurance and your home gets destroyed, you can get the value of your home back.

This also includes your garage and porches too as they are part of your home. Flood insurance is a way to start from where you left rather than restarting all over again. The FEMA Flood Insurance through Uncle SAM maxes out at approx. $250,000 for building and $100,000 for contents, but you can buy additional coverage through Surplus Line companies for larger amounts. It’s not for homeowners only

There is a misconception that only homeowners can get flood insurance. That is absolutely false. If you are a business owner who wants to protect your company from the damage that floods can cause, you should consider options, Business property is available for up to $500,000 with a FEMA policy and again larger amounts are available through excess markets.

Flood insurance does also  take 30 days to be effective from the date of issue with a FEMA policy, unless you are buying a new hjome then it can start at closing 

there are alternative companies that may process faster. And you get larger amounts with higher deductibles to lower the cost Please call us at 732-295-5584 for your options.


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