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October 31, 2018

Its getting cold out there, tips for your car.


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Halloween is here, Winter is coming (tips for your car’s survival)

Recently the temperatures started to dip and We even found some frost on our car’s windows, Summer 2018 is now a memory and the pictures are filed on my iPhone,  so its a good idea to get ready for that unpredictable NJ winter. This week also was the 7th anniversary of the Great Super Storm Sandy that not only destroy life and property but took many cars and boats as well.


As the temperatures drops, leaves fall and the extra blanket comes out, take some time to think and prepare your car for Snow and Ice. Below find some tips that can help your winter driving be safe warm and steady.

  • First check your tiresCold temperature cause lower tire pressures as cold air contracts and under inflated tires are likely- Keep a tire gauge in your glove box and check often, under inflated tires can cause loss of mileage thus costing more to fill the tank and increasing wear on your tires long term.  Worn tires can cause traction issues in snow, rain and ice, so have them checked out and replaced if needed.
  •  Check Fluids Nothing worse than having salt on your windows, you click the windshield washer and no fludid. Check the levels of washer fluid, OIL , transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake. Cold weather can strain your cars performance, no antifreeze in your radiator also effects your heat, so a little prevention now goes a long way to a better warmer ride.
  • Annual Maintenance- Cold weather is also a good time to check your brakes, make sure thyen aren’t worn out or the pads are low, check lights and windwhield wipers are on tight, also check your battery to make sure its holding a charge and wires are tight.
  • Emergency Road Prep Kit- On the road during the winter can be an adventure and trial, so be prepared for an emergency. Your prep kit should include a blankets, jumper cables, flashlight, more than just your phone, first aid kit, flares, water, ice scraper, small shovel and sand to help with traction.

Now being prepared can take some time energy and a few dollars, but being stuck in a snow bank without these things even for an hour before a tow truck shows up can be annoying, have these items just may help get you out of a tight situation faster and without the expense of a tow.

This is also a great time to check your coverage, make sure your policy has towing, car replacement, the correct comprehensive and collusion coverage. Give us a call at I & E Insurance  Agency, allow us the opportunity to give you a second opinion, call us today at 732-295-5584  


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