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September 15, 2014

NJ Home Owners Insurance: You found a House, So what’s Important?


September 15 2014

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NJ Home Owners Insurance: You found a House, So what’s Important?

The Fall is here and the leaves are about to turn colors, but to some NJ Homeowners residents thoughts are turning to next Spring and moving into a new home in NJ.  Whether it’s your first home, a bigger step-up or a vacation home, buying a new property is financially and emotionally stressing.  There are so many factors to consider besides making the payment for insurance in the  monthly mortgage check.

Home Inspectors and seasoned professional have identified several points that new homeowners
should consider before they sign that contract.


    Proximity to water: Many NJ Home Insurance companies have eliminated insuring homes and properties anywhere in a range of 3-5 miles to water, thus if you are purchasing a property in the range of up to 5 miles from the coast, bay or rivers, understand that offerings from companies may be limited and the costs can run typically $1000 or more higher than a property outside of that range.  

    Electrical- Check with your local NJ building inspector and inquire about the last date that homeowners were required to upgrade their electrical panel box. New upgrades can add an extra $1000-$2000 more in additional expenses to have your electrical box upgraded.


    Landscaping: Trees bushes and landscaping should be at least 12 inches away from the foundation of the New Jersey home, Failure to do so, can cause moisture buildup and mold buildup.


    Building Foundation: are there any cracks, how far are the trees set back from the foundation? If cracks are showing and trees are close by, there could be considerable expenses incurred down the road to combat invasion by tree roots.


    Attic: is there an Atic fan, make sure it works. See if theres any moisture in the attic or an roof leaks.
Contact your NJ Home Insurance  
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     Plumbing: It’s always smart to have an outside inspector look at the basement or crawlspace for remnants of storm or flooding damage. Dampness and lack of air and light can cause serious mold growth behind cabinets or in walls.  


I & E Insurance Agency, We are a full service independent Insurance Agency  we understand your home and property. We know that your home can be the largest possession you own and that’s why it needs to be protected correctly.
We have some of the best companies available especially if your home or property is close to water. That’s why when you need New Jersey Home Insurance contact
I & E Insurance Agency  your Trusted Choice® Agency  experienced Advisor

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