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May 2, 2018

Time for Business Auto Insurance? Get a Second Opinion

Time for Business Auto Insurance? Get a Second Opinion

Need Auto Insurance for that Business but unsure what it all means?

In today’s world, No one likes to waste money- period and saving money is always a top goal of any business, large or small. But where Large Companies can have departments and owners that specifically understand their insurance  more than the small business, many business owners are sometimes very foolish when it comes to getting their coverage. priority. If you are starting a business, have acquired new vehicles, or your business insurance needs have changed, now is the time to review your commercial vehicle insurance options. Whether your business uses a car, delivery van, dump truck, tractor trailer or an entire vehicle fleet, be sure to compare commercial auto insurance quotes to find the best fit.

And getting the best coverage is not just about the price, afterall if you saved money on your insurance but then have a problem and your insurance doesn’t cover it then all you did from day one was buy very expensive tissue paper. So Finding the best auto or truck insurance policy is not a simple task. Prices for commercial vehicle insurance can vary considerably from one carrier to another. The difference in price to insure one car, a large truck, or a fleet of delivery vans will be something for you to consider as you purchase a policy. It is important to compare commercial auto insurance quotes from multiple sources to find the best coverage and value. As members of Trusted Choice and Professional Insurance Agents of America, we have professionals who specialize in commercial insurance to find the right business vehicle insurance for your needs.

The Trusted Choice and Professional Insurance Agents of America Networks vs. Big Brands

Associations that have independent agents are built on the customer focused integrity of more than 300,000 business owners, agents and employees nationwide. With more local insurance agents than State Farm and GEICO, this network of agencies serves more consumers and pays out more claims.


How to Get the Best Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes

·         Hire experienced drivers with good driving records

·         Choose sensible vehicles

·         Accept higher deductibles

·         Install safety devices in your vehicles

·         Require your drivers to attend driver safety trainings

·         Work with an independent insurance agent who can tailor a policy to your needs



How to Compare Commercial Vehicle Insurance Rates

When you need to insure a commercial vehicle, such as a limo, bus, taxi, or truck, there will be many coverage options to choose from. A quick review of online insurance offers will demonstrate how sensible it is to shop around. However, it can be overwhelming to compare commercial auto insurance rates without the help of an independent agent. Every insurance carrier offers different coverage options and rates, and comparing multiple insurance options is time consuming.


Tips to Help You Compare Commercial Vehicle Insurance Prices

As a business owner, you want to be sure to get the best value for your money. Use these tips to compare commercial vehicle insurance prices, get the most accurate quotes, and make an educated choice on the best coverage for your company:

·         Review your employees’ driving records. Consider requiring remedial training for any drivers who have had safety incidents, traffic infractions or accidents.

·         Make a list of your vehicle types and uses. For example, if you have a fleet of vans or trucks, do they transport people, food, goods, or other vehicles?

·         Record the mileage of each vehicle. How far each vehicle travels each year in the course of doing business will affect risk and premium cost.

·         Work with an agent, not an 800 number. Insurance companies offer special savings based on reduced risk factors. You won’t find the discounts available to you without speaking to a knowledgeable insurance professional.

Additionally, take as many measures as possible to improve driver and vehicle safety, reduce the risk of incidents, and remain claim free. Managing risk and reducing the likelihood of incidents will keep your employees and vehicles safe, protect your business investment, and result in the best commercial vehicle insurance rates.

Find Commercial Auto Insurance for Any Business

The size of your business is an important consideration when you are trying to find the best commercial auto insurance. The specifics of your policy will depend upon the number of vehicles that you use, the types of vehicles, and your use of the vehicles. A taxi or limo, for example, will have a higher premium than a company car, but lower than a commercial truck such as a tractor trailer.

It is important to review commercial auto insurance rates even if you are self-employed. Your personal vehicle insurance is unlikely to cover accidents involving the vehicles you use for your business. Commercial accidents while you are transporting employees, customers or goods can even leave you personally responsible for large scale damages.

If you run a larger business with a fleet of cars, delivery vans, trucks or other commercial vehicles, be sure to compare quotes on commercial fleet insurance. One policy may allow you to make a claim on incidents involving any of your business’s vehicles. You can also typically arrange a single deductible for any equipment that you haul in your company vehicles.

When Do You Need Different Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

As soon as you employ a new driver or add another vehicle to your business, it is important to update your coverage. When changing or adding to your fleet, you may want to compare commercial vehicle insurance rates and consider finding a better value or a new policy that more closely matches your needs.

For example, if you upgrade to a new or better truck, the conditions of your policy may be affected, so it is important to review the coverage you would need in the event of an incident.

A change in the location where you send your delivery drivers, the roads they use, or the cargo they haul, can all impact your policy. You may think that your insurer is already aware of obvious changes such as a new address. However, it is your duty to inform your agent or insurance company of change to ensure that there are no interruptions in coverage or difficulties processing your claims after an accident.

Find Commercial Auto Insurance Quotes Tailored to You

There are several factors that you need to consider when searching for a new commercial vehicle insurance policy. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice and PIA.org  network can help. These agents work with multiple insurance companies and can or do the comparison shopping for you, to save you time and aggravation. Member agents work with the best insurance companies and can find the right coverage at an affordable rate.

Trusted Choice member agents who specialize in commercial lines of insurance can help you with all of your business insurance needs. You can have one single agent to work with for every aspect of your business insurance. A member agent can assist you with property insurance, product insurance, fraud protection and many types of liability coverage.


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