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December 8, 2020

Will Car Insurance Cover A Windshield Replacement?

Your car would probably be nothing without your windshield. It’s not only there to create a clear line of sight for the road ahead, but also helps shield you from environmental hazards around you. Obviously, if your windshield is damaged, then you’re putting yourself at risks of accidents and a lot of potential losses. Therefore, it’s always important to repair any damage to your windshield expediently. However, this could get expensive quickly. 

To afford repairs to your windshield, you’ll probably wonder whether your car insurance can help out. Though it can in some circumstances, it won’t in others. Always talk to your agent to determine exactly how your plan might be able to help you out. 

Auto Insurance for Windshield Damage 
Your car might sustain windshield damage in a variety of hazards. For example, it might be shattered by a tree falling on it during severe weather. Or, perhaps if you have an accident, it sustains damage in the collision. In situations like these, your car insurance might be able to help you out. However, it might only do so if your policy contains appropriate coverage. 

Most auto insurers don’t automatically cover physical damage to vehicles under their most basic policies. However, you can add it to your plan through two lines of optional coverage: 

  • To cover your car’s damage from a wreck, you’ll need collision insurance on your policy. 

  • For damage that results from non-accident hazards, such as fires, theft, vandalism or severe weather, you’ll need a separate line of coverage called comprehensive coverage. 

Keep in mind, your plan will include deductibles on collision and comprehensive damage. That means that your policy will only begin to pay for a claim if it costs more than the deductible value.  

Suppose, for example that you have a windshield that is worth $1,000 but you carry a $1,500 deductible on your policy. The cost to replace the windshield will be less than the cost of the deductible. Therefore, your plan won’t pay. 

However, some policies insure windshield glass separately from your standard collision and comprehensive coverage terms. Therefore, damage to the windshield (or any of the window glass in your vehicle) might not be subject to the same deductibles, limits and exclusions as other vehicle damage in certain cases. However, always call your insurer to verify where a certain instance of windshield damage falls under your coverage. 

One type of windshield damage that your policy will not cover is normal wear and tear, warping, or cracks that develop for no apparent reason. As a result, it’s important to protect your windshield and have it repaired as necessary to keep it in prime condition. 

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